Welcome to London Veal.com

Since 1966, London Veal has been a wholesale processor and distributor to the food service industry.

Focusing throughout the years on industry needs has enabled us to create original innovative ideas while building a strong, loyal customer base.

By offering an array of quality products at highly competitive pricing, we are able to continue the tradition, even after 40 years.

Our Story

Since the dawn of the 1950’s, the London family has been processing veal.

Max London started from the depths of Haymarket Square and Faneuil Hall as a boning butcher and moved up to the modern meat plants of the Massachusetts Wholesale Food Terminal at Newmarket Square.

In 1966, London Packing Company opened up its doors at 120 Newmarket Square in Boston, processing primals and sub-primals from mainly ‘dairy’ calves. Continuing to grow they added kosher veal products soon thereafter from ‘Southern’ calves, then delved into the lamb market by adding kosher lamb.

In 1973, London Packing started processing hand sliced bob veal cutlets as a specialty. Its popularity and subsequent volume posed the challenge of residual meat known as veal ‘trimmings’ and what to do with them.

In 1980, Max and Gerry London invented and created ‘It’s The Veal Thing’, a flaked and formed 100% veal slice, breaded for frying as veal parm sandwiches. For 25 years The Veal Thing and its brilliant original logo were the toast of the town. read more