Since the dawn of the 1950’s, the London family has been processing veal.

Max London started from the depths of Haymarket Square and Fanueil Hall as a boning butcher and moved up to the modern meat plants of the Massachusetts Wholesale Food Terminal at Newmarket Square.

12 In 1966, London Packing Company opened up its doors at 120 Newmarket Square in Boston, processing primals and sub-primals from mainly ‘dairy’ calves. Continuing to grow they added kosher veal products soon thereafter from ‘Southern’ calves, then delved into the lamb market by adding kosher lamb.
2 In 1973, London Packing started processing hand sliced bob veal cutlets as a specialty. Its popularity and subsequent volume posed the challenge of residual meat known as veal ‘trimmings’ and what to do with them.


In 1980, Max and Gerry London invented and created ‘It’s The Veal Thing’, a flaked and formed 100% veal slice, breaded for frying as veal parm sandwiches. For 25 years The Veal Thing and its brilliant original logo were the toast of the town.


In 1981, London Packing started processing ‘Nature’ veal calves. This is an older calf than the bob veal but much whiter in color. A delicacy abroad was fast becoming a treat for gourmet restaurants in the U.S. This older and whiter animal was also seen as an upgrade by the Jewish community and the demand for kosher veal was as high as ever.


In 1992, London Packing and It’s The Veal Thing merged with a company in Scranton Pennsylvania called Montage Foods, thus prompting the name change of London Packing to ‘London Veal’. London Veal in association with Montage Foods had now become the largest supplier of hand sliced veal cutlets in the country.
6 In 2003, Gerry and Max, as well as their partners in Scranton, sold Montage Foods and It’s The Veal Thing along with rights and logos to a company in Enid Oklahoma called Advance Foods. Coming successfully around the business world full circle, London Veal was again independent and connected throughout the veal community.
8 In 2010 London Veal is re-introducing itself to you along with a few of our own brands:

VeauLette®, ‘The smart veal’ is your less expensive alternative to veal cutlets.

Déjà-Veal® replaces It’s The Veal Thing as a far superior sandwich slice.

The Italian Slider® is a perfect deviation from the typical beef and chicken slider.Throughout our tenure in the food service industry we have continually added different meat items to our list of quality money saving products. Download our complete product list and contact us today for a competitive quote.
London Veal.  Since 1966.