Slices of duck Foie Gras pan fried with red berrie

Slices of duck Foie Gras pan fried with red berrie

A Jean-Paul Chevré receip

Total time: 25 min.

Preparation: 20 min.

Cooking time: 5 min.

Difficulty: Easy

Quantity: 4


• Palmex slices of frozen duck foie gras: 8 of 50g / 1,7oz

• Salt, pepper: Sufficient quantity

• Juice of veal: 400g / 14oz

• Frozen grape of blackcurrant: 160g / 5,6oz

• Frozen raspberry: 150g / 5,3oz

• Blackcurrant liqueur: 10 cl / 2,5 cups

• Raspberry vinegar: 20 cl / 5 cups

• Cream: 10 cl / 2,5 cups

• Butter: 80g / 3oz

• Caster sugar: 40g / 1,5oz

• Strawberries / grapes for decor


• Preparation of the sauce:

• Melt the half butter with the caster sugar in a rack, caramelise, defreeze the raspberry vinegar, reduce by half, add the veal juice and bring it to the boil.

• Add the red berries, the blackcurrant liqueur, the cream and let reduce. Check the seasoning and at the last time, mix with the rest of butter. Keep warm.

• Preparation of the foie gras:

• Cook the escalopes of foie gras, season and put them on absorbent paper.


Presentation: Set up on a warm plate with sauce and décor. Place the sauce in the bottom, the escalopes in the centre and décor around.